76-year-old Jai Fai is now somewhat of a celebrity having featured in Netflix’s ‘Street Food: Asia’ show and ‘Somebody Feed Phil: Bangkok’ but her food is definitely worth the hype.

Who is Jai Fai?

Jai Fai is the nickname of Bangkok-based street food chef, Supinya Junsuta. She originally opened her restaurant in 1980 serving congee and noodle dishes following family recipes. She began to expand her repertoire as time went by, developing her own unique dishes and sourcing ingredients and seafood from several sources with an emphasis on quality. Most of Jai Fai’s dishes are cooked on a huge wok and this diminutive lady can be seen cooking wearing her trademark black apron and signature ski goggles to protect her eyes from the smoke and intense heat. In 2018 and again in 2019, Jai Fai received a Michelin Star, catapulting her onto the world-wide gastro-stage.

What is the food like?

Jai Fai’s most famous and revered dish is her crab omelette. Coated in an egg batter, a cascade of crab meat bursts forth as soon as one cuts through the burrito-like casing. It is bursting with succulent crab and flavour and is truly not to be missed. Other popular dishes include crab yellow curry which also features the same generous portions of crab, as well as the noodle dish phad ke mao talay and, of course, Tom Yum soup.

What is the setting like?

The restaurant itself is quite small and very modest. Green tiled walls feature frames displaying yellowing newspaper clippings charting Jai Fai’s culinary journey. Simple tables and chairs are laid out. There are no frills; none are needed. The food speaks for itself.

When can I go?

Currently, Jai Fai operates a walk-in service only which can result in long waits due to its popularity. It is open Wednesday to Saturday from 9am to 7:30pm, and closed Sunday through to Tuesday. Keep an eye on Instagram for announcements of further closures to avoid disappointment.